Water Protector Drawings Fund Raiser

The Dakota Access Pipeline protests (or DAPL) have sparked a historic clash between Native American protesters (who are called Water Protectors) and law enforcement over a multi-billion dollar oil pipeline that would traverse four states. 
The protesters, who have gathered together from multiple tribes are taking a stand for future generations against the pipeline project, and are trying to preserve their cultural and spiritual heritage.
As a citizen I want to step forward and support these brave people. 
As an artist I can't help but be influenced by this historic and important action. 
I want to support the Water Protectors and the best way is through financial support directly to the Oceti Sakowin (Seven Councils) Camp. 

I am offering these drawings for sale to support the camp. You can see the complete selection by visiting my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/kooyman/media_set?set=a.10209596749849038.1073741856.1036917076&type=3&pnref=story

Here is where it gets a bit sensitive for me.
I am not in the financial position to give my work away. Neither do I want to be taking advantage of this situation for financial gain. But I am in the position to use what I do best to help the financial needs of the Water Protectors. To that end I am offering to sell these drawing at a really affordable price and donate 1/2 of all of the proceeds to the Oceti Sakowin Camp. 
All of these drawings are priced at $150 and I will donate $75 in your name, or you can choose to remain anonymously if you prefer. 
I'll even ship the drawing to you at my expense (US only). 
Each drawing is 12" x 14" and water color crayon on 100lb Strathmore paper. 

Please message me on FB or email me at richardkooymanart@gmail.com. This isn't a online shop so the best I can do is whoever responds first to a drawing gets it. 

Thank you for supporting me and for supporting this cause.

 Snow by the River 14" x 12" crayon on paper 2016

Snow by the River 14" x 12" crayon on paper 2016

2015 Summer Advanced Painting Workshop

This summer I will be offering a special 3 day outdoor workshop for advanced painters working in oil. This workshop will require a portable painting setup than can be mobile and carried out into one of my favorite landscapes in Michigan- The Sleeping Bear National LakeShore. 

I think of the SBNL as one of those special places on earth and a important location for a workshop where we can talk about what place means in our work and how we best convey that place through painting.  Working on a small scale and being portable we will striving for dynamic and unexpected results.  This is a great workshop for those wanting to push forward in their work and expand their thinking about painting.  Artists who work directly from the landscape or non-representationally or both are encouraged. 
The workshop will be limited to those who have a good command of color mixing, are confident with the standard materials of oil painting, and are comfortable working outdoors in what ever conditions might arise. 
I will work with you individually as well as show everyone how I approach painting outdoors.  We will have frequent group breaks where we will share issues and developments in our work as well as discussions about art, art history and what it takes today to survive as an artist. 

A complete list of the materials and equipment will be provided.  I encourage you to incorporate your own favorite brushes or colors. 
Due to the nature of the landscape where we will be painting participants are expected to have a willingness to be outdoors in various weather and traverse to some moderately remote areas carrying your materials.  We will NOT be hiking for miles across the open dune but we won't be always painting right out of the trunks of our vehicles either.  Be ready to satchel or backpack your materials down some paths to some dynamic locations in the park that not everyone gets to see.
A National Park vehicle pass will be needed. 
I'll provide more information in the coming month or email me with any specific questions you may have. 

The workshop will be August 17, 18, 19.  Enrollment is through the Old Art Building in Leland, MI. info@oldartbuilding.com or call 231-256-2131 or you can email me to be put on the advance list. The cost for this advance painters workshop is $450

If you have any questions about the workshop or if you have been a past workshop participant and wonder if this class would be a good fit for you, please email me richardkooymanart@gmail.com

While this workshop is organized through the Old Art Building in Leland, Michigan we will be starting and ending our days in Glen Arbor where the National Park is located. Glen Arbor is located 18 miles south of Leland. 

If you will be traveling to the area now is not too soon to make accommodation reservations in either Leland of Glen Arbor.  I'd be happy to offer any suggestions if needed. 


Art Camp -Winter of 2013-2014

Images of work from the ArtCamp series are interspersed in the 2014 and 2013 year galleries. 

The ArtCamp Paintings of Richard Kooyman

Last fall I began a project I call ArtCamp. Initially the idea was to paint a series of paintings that transcribed the variations in light, textures and temperatures as experienced in a small wooded parcel of property behind my studio in Manistee Country, Michigan. Part outdoor painting studio, part campsite, this project became an immersion into the power and presence of weather and nature, and a discovery of the effects this immersion has on the process of making a painting. 

Around the same time I began ArtCamp I also began reading Marcel Proust’s Remembrance of Things Pastand immediately recognized the parallels between the commitment to read one of the world’s great novels, and the commitment to make paintings for a year in my woods. Reading Proust’s depiction of the narrator’s life demanded slow observation and a dedicated introspection. Proust’s own commitment to the novel, over a life time, demonstrated to me the importance of the sustained engagement to an art form. 

There have been many artists I have admired over the years who practiced an art of sustained engagement. Cezanne’s repeated painting of Mont Sainte-Victoire, Morandi’s obsession with painting arrangement of bottles in his studio, and Georgia O’Keeffe’s countless paintings of The Pedernal in New Mexico. The painter Tom Thomsom’s immersion into the Canadian wilderness, working from his camp and even in his canoe, was an important influence.

ArtCamp, for me, is a type of return to a sustained engagement in landscape painting. It is an engagement with a intimately personal environment; a small, over grown parcel of land, wooded with Black Locust, White Pine and native Black Cherry trees.

Each day in ArtCamp I spend time building a fire, clearing brush, and setting up a functional painting area. Building a fire and maintaining a camp like atmosphere grounds me in the setting. I take notice of the crows and bluejays that are around on a particular day and guess as to why they weren’t here the previous day. When painting I’m in tune to how the cold or the wind is conveyed in the painting. I’m drawn to why on a particular day the paint was more urgently applied and why does that exuberance look more successful? Working on location in my own woods decelerates my active attention into a focused, more patient, process of observation. A welcome antidote to todays electronic gadget, screen experienced world.

Some days in ArtCamp I end up starting 3 different paintings and other days it’s enough to sit and tend the fire or make a wood pile. Both activities seem to share important qualities; the willingness to be patient, the ability to be resourceful, the desire to be present. 

So far each season has impacted my process differently. The project was only in it’s infant stage this fall. After the first hard frost leaves fell rapidly onto my paint palette and wet paintings. Winter painting preoccupied me with staying warm and dealing with this years record heavy Michigan snow fall. When the weather warms up I plan to cook some meals in camp, sleep out over night, and make night paintings.

With the coming of spring I will take my new found sustained engagement on the road, so to speak. I’m an avid bicyclists and have built a mobil painting trailer to tow behind my bike. Built from a recycled trailer used to carry children it now contains everything I need to paint. I plan to bike to more remote locations around my rural environment, along with foray’s into the Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore near where I live.

I have been selected as this years artist in residence at the Old Art Building in Leland, Michigan. Part of my residency will include an exhibition titled ‘Richard Kooyman- The ArtCamp Paintings’. This will be the first public exhibition of a large selection of the ArtCamp paintings along with documentation about ArtCamp. Opening reception June 27, 5-8pm. An artist’s talk is scheduled for Sunday, June 29 at 3pm. For more information visit www.oldartbuilding.com or email richardkooymanart@gmail.com