The Provincial Projects is pleased to present LOVE BLANKET, a show of new drawings by Richard Kooyman.
Kooyman utilizes routine and intuition to play a significant role in these process-based drawings. Setting up the challenge of exploring color and line relationships within a defined piece of 9” x 12” paper, Kooyman uses watercolor crayons in a back and forth coloring motion creating a rich deposit of material on the surface of the paper. Beginning each work in the top left corner traveling down the right side of the paper, the drawings extend out in unfolding patterns, and new symmetries. 
The title LOVE BLANKET references the textile like patterns created in this body of over 40 individual new works.
LOVE BLANKET runs in conjunction with CITIES, LIKE DREAMS, SWAMPS WHERE CEDARS GROW, and takes place in the Garden Studio next door to The Provincial. 

""I call my show of new drawings (which opens tomorrow at The Provincial in the Garden Studio) LOVE BLANKET because the shape of the paper is similar to the shape of a blanket, while the colors and patterns remind me of familiar textiles. 
These drawings are made with french water color crayons that at first glance appear like the same crayons I had as a boy but are of a rich professional grade pigment. To get a dense line quality with the crayon, I found myself using a back and forth coloring motion just like I did as a child. The repetition and routine of these process-based drawings along with a material that reached back to my childhood had a unexpected calming effect on me. 
In today’s tumultuous political times this untroubled aspect of the process has become an important part of the drawings. The unplanned and often unexpected results of each drawing provide a pleasure similar to a memory. The titles further aid in recalling a song lyric, an acknowledgment, or simply an expression of love. 
Each of these drawings began at the top right corner of the paper. It just felt like it was the right place to start. I usually worked down the right edge of the page and then to the left and into the center of the page, concentrating on patterns and shapes as they evolved."   Richard Kooyman 2017

THE PROVINCIAL, is an artist-run project space organized by Melanie Parke, which is pleased to present CITIES, LIKE DREAMS, SWAMPS WHERE CEDARS GROW, a major exhibition featuring over 50 works by 29 artists.

The show will be on view and free to the public from June 17- July 15, 2017 with an opening reception Saturday, June 17 from 12-4pm. 

THREE EVENTS will be hosted in conjunction with he show:

Saturday, June 17, 12-4

Sunday, July 9 from 2-4pm
A panel discussion with artists Michael Huey and Douglas Witmer and poet Jennifer Sperry Steinorth.

Saturday, July 15 at 3pm
A preview performance created by Gretchen Eichberger and Jennifer Sperry Steinorth. This is a limited seating RSVP closing celebration, please contact Melanie at 231.633.8772 to make reservations.

CITIES, LIKE DREAMS, SWAMPS WHERE CEDARS GROW - is a monument to friendship. These artists brought together by poetry and creating work which is inevitably tied to a rooted sense of home - however near or far - show us memory and connection with material, gesture and a sense of touch.

The title of the show conjoins the lines of Italo Calvino and E.B. White, two writers who centralized friendship and vivid attachment to place, emphasizing poetic and fertile fields of desire, inquiry, recollection, and parallel bonds made only through relationships.
All of the artists share a spark of belonging to Northern Michigan, yet many live and draw their work from as far as Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Vienna and Italy.